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In areas where voucher programs exist, private school operators decide whether they want taxpayers to subsidize their schools. They also decide how many, if any, voucher students they will admit. NEA, meanwhile, notes that it oppose alternatives that divert attention, energy, and resources from efforts to reduce class size, enhance teacher quality, and provide every student with books, computers, and safe and orderly schools and vouchers are certainly one such alternative. Affiliates of both organizations have been important organizers against a far reaching voucher program introduced this year in Louisiana. NEA affiliates in the state threatened to sue individual schools last month, alleging that vouchers are an unconstitutional payment of public funds. AFT affiliates, meanwhile, requested a hearing at which critiques, comments and suggestions for improvements can be made in regard to accountability standards for private and religious schools that will accept vouchers this fall. The organization says accountability measures for these schools in Louisiana are more or less nonexistent, noting that there are very few checks in place to ensure that children receive a high quality private school education. So, if the health and well being of students and teachers is what matters to you, avoid joining the popular chorus against teachers unions in the United States. Current and future students will benefit from having them in classrooms for a long time to come. then let us make a small request. AlterNets journalists work tirelessly to counter the traditional corporate media narrative.

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Joseph Marino for providing the information. I have added a new entry to the "List of Countries That Have Visited This Website" page, which now includes 89 countries and Antarctica. Our most recent addition is a first visit from Namibia. I would like to welcome our new viewers to the website and thank all of you for your continued participation and encouragement. On June 6, 1997 I published an article on this page about filmmaker Jack Sacco and the documentary film he is planning to produce about the Shroud of Turin. Judging from the mail it generated, I apparently failed to clarify in the article that I am not personally involved in any way with Mr.

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Came with floral dustwrapper and glassine wrapper. Benjamin Bear / written and drawn by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, The Weekly Times,Melbourne, 18 February 1933 26 August 1939. Cartoon strip. There were341 Benjamin Bear comic strips. They present the greatest challenge forany collector of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite's published works. The BenjaminBear comic was ended abruptly on 26th August 1939. The following weekon 2nd September, "Benjamin Bear" was replaced with "Tim Tyler" and asmall mention was made on the children's page that Benjamin was "takinga holiday". Unfortunately he never returned. The story did not get thechance to wind up and in fact a wonderful new character "Scotty", theScotch Terrier, had just been introduced, he was trapped on a remoteisland with "Johnny" the kookaburra. They had just met and the title ofthe very last Benjamin Bear comic was "New Friends". Benjamin himselfhad not appeared for many weeks.

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