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Each query with quite complex ranging. We tried solr and sphinx. We chose sphinx for much better performance. Alexa Rank: Visit BigbozzOS: Windows Server 2012 R2Hardware: Multiple quad core servers with 4 GB RAMIndex Size: 1,000,000+ jobs indexed. Query Performance: Queries typically run in a few milliseconds. Reason:Choicebit is a leading job search engine, which uses Sphinx's incredible speed and relevance to help connect people with over 1 million jobs and careers!Alexa Rank: Visit Choicebit We are running everything on FreeBSD 9. 2 and 10. 0 Most boxes consists of 2x Intel E5 2640, SSD drives in raid5 and 48gb of ram. We are running them with dist indexes partitioned over alot of chunks About 10 million recipes collected worldwide, query speed ranges from 0. 1s to 0. 5s depending on the query and the amount of matched recipes.

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Accept the responsibility to self, client/patients, and associates to maintain physical, mental and emotional well being. Section 11. Represent their qualifications honestly, including their educational achievements and professional affiliations, and will provide only those services they are qualified to perform. Section 12. Be conscious of the intent of the services that he/she is providing, and shall be aware of and practice good judgment regarding the application of naturopathy techniques. Section 13.

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Then, in subsequent articles, well address more specific topics in PDF accessibility. Although web accessibility is most commonly thought of when talking about digital accessibility, document accessibility also plays an important role. Document formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ePub, and most commonly PDF, are quite common and are usually linked within web pages or sent via email. As such, its important to make sure that those documents are accessible as well. a11yTO actively promotes digital inclusion for the design and development communities in and around the Greater Toronto Area. The Accessibility Club gives you the chance to get some real world experience with assistive technology, deepen your knowledge about web accessibilty and get in touch with like minded webworkers. Accessibility DC is a monthly meetup once every month and is a chance for people who are interested in Accessibility to get together and share information. Web Developers who are interested in Web Accessibility and Adaptive Technology Users who have a daily experience of accessibility issues are all welcome to attend. Our group exists to advance accessibility and inclusive design. Our goal is to bring together NYC's accessibility community to share ideas, best practices, and our experiences. Free, virtual digital accessibility conference with tracks for design, develoopers, business leaders, and compliance.

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The life threatening condition is diabetic ketoacidosis DKA and the medication you needed is insulin, because you have type 1 diabetes T1D. Imagine you lived with a chronic condition that required you to make over 100 selfmanagement decisions every day. Imagine you have been admitted to hospital for a day surgery procedure and the health professionals have refused your request for access to a medication you need for survival. Imagine that as a result of missing this medication you have ended up in an intensive care unit ICU with a life threatening condition. The life threatening condition is diabetic ketoacidosis DKA and the medication you needed is insulin, because you have type 1 diabetes T1D. A Preoperative Hand Hygiene Campaign: " No One Left Behand. ",Keri McCoy2020The University of San FranciscoAbstractProblem: Surgical site infections SSIs account for 20% of all hospital acquired infections HAIs. Performance of consistent, accurate hand hygiene practices by healthcare workers is the most effective means of preventing infection, yet the average compliance rates remain low. The preoperative PREOP unit carries tremendous responsibility for decreasing each patient's risk for SSI by adequately following the World Health Organization WHO guidelines for hand hygiene. The PREOP remains at a low average hand hygiene compliance rate of 69%, with decreased consistency, frequency, and knowledge deficit of hygiene practices. The aim of the quality improvement QI hand hygiene campaign is .

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Alexa Rank: Visit TUIThe search capability of my other website is much faster. Maybe because it is a specialized system. Alexa Rank: Visit Motorhome RepublicMyfunvacationproperties. com provides property listings including, but not limited to, sales, rental, commercial, and residential properties. Alexa Rank: No DataVisit Myfunvacationproperties. comWe run our car rental price comparison finder on a Linux OS. This site operates on a VPS but some of the queries for car rental company information had a ton of lag with the servers MYSQL database. Adding the SphinxQL made our data field requests lighting fast!Alexa Rank: Visit rentalcarsnear. meglobalizad. com is a new start up, dedicated to the classified ads world. It's a different point of view of this type of business, because globalizad.

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