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Make a plan at the beginning of the term. This is the planner that you give to parents/students, admin, as well as post in the classroom so that everyone knows what is expected on each day. PLAN silent reading time, tech time, library visits, etc. As a rule, math and language arts are given the most time allotment. For math, it is especially helpful to plan in a comprehension skills day, devoted specifically to drills and new skills. Stagger lessons: plan for science on Monday afternoon and Thursday morning, for example. Students have different energy levels at different times of the day, as well as the fact that classroom interruptions will not impact a staggered schedule as much as a regular schedule. On Monday morning, include a 30 minute high light/low light of the weekend share time. Students LOVE sharing about their weekend they have 30 seconds to share. This activity is great for building classroom culture. Try to plan one on one time with each student.

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