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Its easy to assume that students know how to make useful annotations, but its sensible to point out the obvious effective strategies. For Paper 1, where the source is just one text, remind your students to annotate or highlight key words or phrases that they may want to refer back to when answering either the use of language question Question 2 or the structure question Question 3. Equally important for GCSE English language is the obvious reminder that the reading assessment Paper 1 and 2, questions 1 4 is "chunked out". This helps students to navigate their way through the unseen texts by reading shorter sections before having to respond to the whole text. The first is, once they have read the whole text, to check theyre using the right section of text for each answer specific line references are provided for Paper 1, questions 1, 2 and 4, and specific line references and specific source texts are provided for Paper 2, questions 1 and 3. Secondly, for Paper 2, where two source texts are provided, the annotation or highlighting during the advised reading time should be focused on similarities or differences in viewpoint. This will help flag up clear points for exploration in question 2 and question 4, and save time. Its also worth reminding your students that its only Question 4 that requires exploration of methods used to convey the similarities or differences. For both papers, the writing response in question 5 is rewarded for the content, the way in which its organised and for technical accuracy. The best advice for students in a time pressured environment is to plan what they intend to write about before they make a start. Planning helps students to ensure that the written response is clear in focus and has a strong sense of the purpose.

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Perhaps they break up their sales team with certain members handling different parts of the sales process, or they explore a better way of connecting with their customers through a communications company. AdvertisingThe goal is ultimately going to be finding the right balance, where theyre being efficient with the resources they have to maximize their sales goals without stretching themselves too thin. Finding this balance is often easier said than done, but its incredibly important for any business that is going to thrive. If a business is ineffective in accomplishing its overall goal, and the customer doesnt feel that the service is equated with the cost, then efficiency becomes largely irrelevant. The business may be speedy and use minimal resources, but they struggle to be effective. This may put them at risk of going under.

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This particular message was drawn just west of the Brandenburg Education building. WAYNE Some students at Wayne State College have chosen an unusual method to get their voices heard regarding inclusiveness and equality at the school. Sidewalks spanning the college campus have been inundated with chalk since the beginning of the academic year on Aug. 17. The sidewalk chalk doesnt just contain fancy artwork; some of the messages promote inclusiveness for every student at the institution while others express political leanings. Some students feel, however, that sidewalk chalk is the only way their voices will be heard. Others are of the mindset that expressing their opinions by way of chalking campus sidewalks is a more peaceful way of expressing themselves than in a classroom environment or on social media. During Wayne States Week of Welcome on Aug. 15 16, event ambassadors dispersed sidewalk chalk to groups of students, primarily freshmen. Students were encouraged to chalk art messages of their choice as a way to integrate themselves to Wayne State, according to Devyn Davis, one of the ambassadors of Welcome. Davis also is the president of WSCs Black Student Association BSA and is a member of the student senate.

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Alban. In addition, the St. Albans School of Boys, that is affiliated with the cathedral, is named for that saint. St. Albans by St. Andrews is the only English speaking church in the Tokyo diocese from the Nippon, Seikokai, or even the Anglican Church of Japan.

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