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When the customers decided click through but buy nothing or purchase the product, their reaction was branded positive. The researchers found that consumers respond positively when product based personalization is used in the email. Contrary to this, they discovered that consumers respond negatively when a personalized greeting was used in the email. Furthermore, they found that familiarity moderates the negative effect of a personalized greeting. Customers who already made a purchase at the firm responded less negatively to the firm using their name. A main strength of this study is that this study examines personalized emails that are directly sent by the merchant to consumers, whereas prior work only examined the personalized content made available on merchants websites or in controlled experiments. The biggest advantage of this research design is that it resembles real world answers the most; it incorporates peoples real reactions as they have to respond to personalized offers with real monetary risks. Controlled experiments can cause various biases. For instance, knowing the nature of a study can make consumers behave differently and subconsciously give response that they think that the researcher wants to hear, also known as the research bias. Using real world data can to a great extent omit these biases. An important implication that you could take away from this article as a business owner is that personalization of an e mail to your consumers might not always yield the positive responses you hoped for.

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Powered by BloggerTodays opinion paper is based on my own experience of time management. Its a big headache to use our time sensibly and effectively and that especially in this fast moving, demanding and hectic world of stresses and strains. Life itself is an ongoing race or battle against time. Besides it goes without saying that time is of the essence. No doubt, it is indeed the deciding factor in the life, success or failure of all of us. If we can utilize time judiciously and productively, we can well be on the road to success. Every successful person has as roots and magic wand a good management of time. Its the same especially for the student class. On the other hand, someone who cant control his or her time and is a slave to other matters or vices ; its dead sure that he/she will fail in his/her work. He/she will not succeed in life. And performance will be of poor quality !Thats absolutely certain.

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