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Federal Law prohibits the release of refrigerant into the atmosphere and mandates the use of recovery equipment by a certified technician. Click here to request booklets. Mar 19 2016 Dec 3 2010 to this rule to reclaim recover or recycle refrigerant and to minimize refrigerant . EPA has developed a brief fact sheet that explains the recordkeeping requirements for refrigerant retailers and wholesalers. If refrigerant needs to be removed from a system e. S.

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Tales From The Trenches: A Simple Bollinger Band Bollinger Bands The best strategy to protect us from a trade that will continue to ride the band lower is. Bollinger Bands BB Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost. Learn about Bollinger Bands and identifying volatility in the forex market. Bollinger Band Training Webinar covers all aspects of using this powerful indicator. Includes training on combination indicators, Bandwidth, and B. Bollinger Bands effectively act as support and resistance for price action. By interpreting them with that in mind, traders can use the Bands to enter Bollinger Bands Squeeze is a good trading strategy that help you take the strong breakouts that result in forming of the strong trends. When planning trades, Bollinger Bands are a useful supporting indicator after finding a potential entry target using the core supply and demand strategy. How to Use Bollinger Bands Just like in trading, some trading tools and indicators are best used in particular environments or situations. Bollinger Bands is an indicator that is widely used for measuring volatility. The chart below Figure 4 shows an example of how to trade with Bollinger Bands.

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Teaching is personal and transactional. If you are going to achieve balance in this area, embrace a very simple question by which to self evaluate: Did I succeed in helping my students to grow today?To what extent are you measuring yourself as a teacher by perceptions and assumptions about others rather than simply seeking to develop your own practice?Do you think you are helping your students to grow each day?2, Excellent teacherlearner relationships If you do not have a great relationship with your students, then you are unlikely to teach great lessons. But, more importantly for you, you will not actually enjoy teaching. How do you make your students feel?Is your classroom a place of warmth and friendliness?How much on a scale of one to 10 do you care about your students?3, Providing quality feedback to students We know that quality feedback is one of the top influencers of student achievement. Yet marking is still the most hated activity for many teachers because the bar always seems to be too high in terms of what is expected of you and what you can reasonably sustain. Consider the following:Feedback for redrafting only: There is no point marking and providing feedback on anything unless you are going to insist on it being acted on and therefore ensure that it translates into progress. You decide: You, the professional, decide how much individualised feedback is necessary and reasonable to achieve progress. Be bold about your decision. Feedback for progress only: An assessed piece of work that is not fed back on and responded to by redrafting is a pointless exercise. Make all assessment formative. Feedback in bulk: Whole class or group feedback is just as valid as individualised feedback in many circumstances.

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AnujaEnglish: Literature and Social Issues . Editor: T. Vembu, M. A. , M. Phil.

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m/m/Thanks so much Ruth, the feedback I'm getting here locally is people are really liking the downtown shots as well. m/m/Hey Astro Bob, wow you are really doing your part. I tried to take photo of the conjuction for 2 days and no success, damn cold but not 40C , damn roofs, lol, and my poor little guy Matthew been running a fever for three days now so been busy all night long. Bob the hardest part to take photos in the city is that you have to be fast. Just being in the subdivition, one minute I was setting up the camera, I actually got my tripod out, and the next minute everything moved, lol. I lost my Venus first behind the roof and then the moon.

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