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ops!How rude of me to not post the link to Jasons article. Here tis with my appologies!:WfromLA said: I remember being taught in Biology, ages ago, that the banana was triploid, i. e. three sides. Triploid does not mean trihedralit means having a chromosome number that is three times the basic or haploid number. For more info, see for instance the Ployploidy in plants section of the Wikipedia atricle on polyploidy. Bananas, in my experience, are more nearly tetrahedralDidiydi said: Did I understand right that all commercial bananas today except organic are in fact genetically modified?As in GM corn, soy etc, stuff that were suppose to avoid because it has no DNAEvery living thing has DNA, even the sterile bananas. GM means genetically modified, not genetically zeroed. There are those who avoid, even fear, GM foods because of vague ideas along the lines of we dont really know whats in therewhether theyll even be safe to eat, etc. Genetic modification at the level of direct DNA manipulation should be used with intelligent caution, yes, but bear in mind that humans have already been effecting GM plants and animals for thousands of years via selective breeding. Thanks, Matt, both for new DI content dont call it a comeback and for opening my eyes to something new to worry about, and something new to connoisse.

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1, 91 S. Ct. 1267, 28 L. Ed. 2d 554 1971, the Supreme Court established that federal courts could require school districts to implement busing programs as a means of achieving racial INTEGRATION of public schools. However, busing was nothing new in U. S. education. Even before these decisions, nearly 40 percent of the nation's schoolchildren were bused to school. And before 1954, when the Court declared racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional in BROWN V. BOARD OF EDUCATION, 347 U.

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9% for four weeks that ended on Dec 28, while total sales declined 14. 1% from corresponding period last year SThe Staff Senate was established with the encouragement and approval of the President of the University of North Dakota on March 31, 1998. The Staff Senate of the University of North Dakota shall be the representative body of staff to serve the following objectives and purposes: The Senate shall consist of approximately 3% of the staff, up to 50 senators elected in accordance with the Bylaws of the Senate. The officers of the Senate shall be the president, and immediate past president, vice president/president elect, secretary, treasurer, membership officer, historian, and three 3 members at large. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Officers of the Senate and the Chairs of the Legislative; Constitution, Bylaws and Elections; Public Relations; Staff and Professional Development; Staff Recognition; Fundraising and Community Relations Committees. B. Lathi, A. J. Krieg, and N. R. Nayak 2012 Global alteration in gene expression profiles ofdeciduas from women with idiopathic recurrent loss.

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Beluga whales are affected by man made pollution from factories on the land near the St. Lawrence River. However, animals can also be affected by naturally occurring pollutants and toxins that exist in the environment. Some algae are toxic when they naturally occur in high amounts. The result is a red tide. Red tides may affect and kill marine animals such as shellfish, fish, birds, and marine mammals. Coastal upwelling, where nutrient rich water is lifted from the ocean depths towards the surface, may also cause red tides. As human induced climate change raises sea surface temperatures and increases the frequency of major coastal storms, some scientists predict an increase in red tides. Other types of human activity may cause red tides. Agricultural runoff contains large amounts of algae "food" nitrates and phosphates and may cause red tides. The ever growing human population will only increase demands on agriculture.

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