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For more info visit us at This article is by Ihab Kharma, who is a freelance writer. He is well read on cosmetic surgery. If you want to know more about plastic surgery, read regular updates on Article Source: rticleBiz. comThis article is by Ihab Kharma, who is a freelance writer. He is well read on cosmetic surgery. If you want to know more about plastic surgery, read regular updates on y: Susan Bishop Men will not get it. They stay clear of the very things that can help them live longer. More so than women. And despite the fact that a host of studies show eating a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables can protect you from all manner of cancers. Not to mention they are good overall preservers of your overall health. That makes two the easiest of mens health tips to stick with is to simply eat more fruit.

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We will expect you to answer questions and accept any changes within a timely fashion. Use of Images: Contributors who wish to use images to accompany their articles in print must make a good faith effort to obtain permission to reprint those images from the holders of any Such permissions are not necessary for the review process, but they will be required before the article is published. Further information can be found at hotoArt. The review process takes approximately three months; all authors will be contacted, usually by email, as soon as a decision has been reached about the publication of the essay. Articles are normally published in the order in which they are given final acceptance, though some adjustments are made in order to ensure a broad scope of subject areas for each issue. Acceptance of an essay is valid only for one year from the date of notification; if an essay is returned with requested revisions after one year, it may be subject to an additional round of reviews with no guarantee of final acceptance. No payment is made for any contributions, but all authors will receive two free copies of the issue in which their article appears, and additional copies at a discounted rate or offprints may be ordered from the press. Prof. Annette TimmEditor, Journal of the History of SexualityDepartment of HistoryUniversity of CalgarySS656, 2500 University Drive NWCalgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada Email: or . Annette TimmEditor, Journal of the History of Sexualityc/o Department of HistoryUniversity of CalgarySS656, 2500 University Drive NWCalgary, AB T2N 1N4CanadaArticles appearing in JHS are abstracted or indexed in Academic Search Premier, America: History and Life, Bibliography of the History of Art, Criminal Justice Abstracts, Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Historical Abstracts, IBR International Bibliography of Book Reviews, IBZ International Bibliography of Periodical Literature, MLA Directory of Periodicals, MLA International Bibliography, Professional Development Collection, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Sociological Collection. Acceptance PolicyAll advertisements and use of lists are limited to material of scholarly interest to our readers.

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He hit the ball over the left field fence is preferable to The ball was hit by him over the left field fence. 6. Never lie or make exaggerated claims in your writing. If your reader catches you in even one small lie, everything in your report or letter becomes suspect. 7. Keep your writing accessible and appealing. Use anecdotes, subheads, sidebars, bullets, and graphics where appropriate. Write in a style that is conversational and friendly, but dont be careless or resort to slang. The easiest way to improve your writing is to learn to edit yourself. Read over any written work, even if its just a one page letter, and prune any superfluous words or examples, any passive constructions, any unnecessary jargon. More than anything else, you must be clear in your mind about what it is you wish to communicate.

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