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Each group of four beads represents 1 each bead is about 1/4 wide. They alternate the colors of each group of four 4 blue, 4 yellow, 4 blue, 4 yellow, etc. until they have 12 of beads. Encourage students to note the patterns they are creating with the beads. Tie off both ends of each length of jute, then demonstrate how students can use their bead rulers to measure items from the classroom and record measurements on paper. To extend this activity, have students predict measurements and test their non standard unit measurement against a standard ruler.

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Shubhanku Kochar, M. Phil. , Ph. D. CandidateDyslexia: A Critical Study of Language Deficiency in Children and Adolescents . Vaishali Narbheram Punjani, M.

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Total appropriationsfor FY 2021 are $12,126,554. 82 with $13,341,000 in expected revenue. Boardmembers approved a one year limited certified contract for Martha Mesafor ESL/TESOL/ELL; a certified administrative contract for MaureenRentz; and a certified status change for Kathy Buettner, K 8 guidancecounselor to MA +15. Certified supplemental and extended days wereapproved for Kathy Buettner, K 4 SEO; Megan Ryan, school musicaldirector; and Cameron Reed, pep band, stage manager and musical manager. Substituteteachers Marjean, Warren, Mark Fuerst, Karen Hartman, Kristy Gallmeier,Kristina Pohlman, Kevin Fraley, Joyce Wiechart, Kaitlyn Klausing, AnnGrothaus, Mary Jo Krause, Jordan Shull, Lindsey Motycka, KierstenKirkendall, Casey Baldauf, Alayna Treadway and Carolyn Stant as well asall the substitutes on the Allen County list were approved. Substituteaide Phyllis Moreo; substitute food worker Patricia Schneider;substitute bus drivers Drew Wertenberger, Serena Lorencovic and MallorySherry; and athletic volunteers Kevin Lindeman and Nathan Howell Jr. ,junior high football, were also approved. Studentswill pay 25 cents more for lunch during the 2020 21 school year. Franklin students lunches will be $2. 75 and Jefferson Middle School andHigh School students lunches will be $3. Lunch prices were not raisedlast year and were raised 10 cents the prior year.

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