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Security classified records of the SeventhAir Force, consisting of combat operations reports from the 355thTactical Fighter Wing; and reports on 12th Tactical Fighter Wing missions,1966 69. Security classified Southeast Asia equipment operationalrequirements modification case files for the Seventh Air Force. Security classified reports on the history of the 4th Tactical FighterSquadron, 432nd Tactical Fighter Wing, 1970 75. Security classifiedmixed files relating to various USAF combat operations and otheractivities during the Vietnam War, 1961 77. Security classifiedrecords of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, under theCommander in Chief, Pacific Air Forces CINCPACAF, consistingof daily and weekly statistical reports and summaries on air combatoperations, 1968 74; aircraft loss or accident reports, 1968 73;and Pacific Air Forces PACAF emergency actions file, 1966 74. 342.

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W. Y. Yang, Q. Cao, C. Callahan, C. Galvis,Q. X. Sang, and I. V. Alabugin 2010 Intracellular DNA damage bylysine acetylene conjugates. J.

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Officials brought out a "No coasting" rulingnext year, but he took an Austin 9 up to 85. 34 miles per gallon without tricks. Ignition trouble ruined his post war debut in the races atBathurst, N. S. W. , in 1945, and bad luck carne again at a later Bathurst meetingwhen a magneto became temperamental. He had to borrow another at the lastminute, sliding into the starting line as the official was raising his flag. He was well placed in the field while travelling over themountain when he hit a corner with a thousand revs more than the corner wouldallow. The Austin 7 hung dangerously over a precipitous cliff for a fraction ofa second as he braked, so he lifted his foot. He approached a 60 mph corner at 70 a few miles further onand flicked his hand over the gear lever to change down. He missed the gear andthe car rocketed off the road, turning over and over down a hundred footembankment, landing upside down on its stunned driver.

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To that point, Kanu is trying to increase voter turnout in the state in two ways: by registering people to vote and by going door to door, telling people why voting matters. The group's goal was to register 900 new voters by November; as of this meeting in late September, they had hit 800. Clipboard toting volunteers had knocked on 312 doors. Listening to the presentation, I couldn't help but be inspired. The numbers do get in the way, though. How can knocking on 312 doors matter in a state of 1. 4 million people?When volunteers go door to door, asking people what issues matter to them as well as asking them to vote, they're "re knitting" the fabric of communities in Hawaii, he said, some of which has long been fraying. They're giving anonymous residents a voice. It seems to be working. Kanu didn't start working on voter turnout until this year. During the primary, the group targeted House District 48 on Oahu.

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