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I dont leave much material at the top, so instead of splitting the rim to create a gallery, I fold it over 3. To do this, I support the rim on the inside while pressing down and in with my index finger on the outside. Then, I use my thumb to press down on the inside of the rolled rim to create a gallery, while supporting the underside of the rim with my index finger. This jar is inspired by the tea ceremony mizusashi, or water jar. A lot of what intrigues me is the sense of imperfection and directness in these types of vessels. My basic form is altered by dragging a tool and my fingertips over the surface.

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That means Jones must be the teacher because it is the only possibility left. One way to solve almost any of this whole class of problems which can get extremely complicated is to make a grid with the names in one direction and the occupations in the other. Then one by one eliminate cells in each row or column from the facts given. When all but one of a row or column is filled in, then fill in the rest of the corresponding row and then continue. There are whole books of just these kinds of problems, but once one learns this technique, they can all be solved the same way. I only include one of these problems and this is it. Let's do this problem to see how it works. Then mark an X in impossible cells. Smith cannot be the lawyer, nor the teacher because he makes more money than either of them. Then, when only one possible cell remains in a row or column, mark an O there and then fill in the rest of the remaining column or row. That is, once we know that Smith is the doctor, we know that Brown and Jones are not the doctor.

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Not all institutions use external examiners in exactly the same way. The role from Bristol specified below is indicative of the role that external examiners play in ensuring comparable standards and appropriate practice in assessment of students. In some institutions external examiners also act as critical friends to a greater degree than implied in the outline from Bristol, below. For example they, often unofficially, comment on the appropriateness/up to dateness of curricula, alternative assessment techniques and burden of assessment. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education QAA in the UK states in its Code of practice for the assurance of academic quality and standards in higher education, Section 4, External examining August 2004 :This section of the Code assumes, however, that all institutions will use external examiners to help them monitor the academic standards of their awards, except those granted on an honorary basis. External examiners act as independent and impartial advisers providing institutions with informed comment on the standards set and student achievement in relation to those standards. External examining is therefore an integral and essential part of institutional quality assurance. It is the responsibility of each institution to establish criteria and guidance for external examining that enable its academic standards to be described and maintained. The main purposes of external examining are: to verify that academic standards are appropriate for the award or part thereof which the external examiner has been appointed to examine; to help institutions to assure and maintain academic standards across higher education awards; to help institutions to ensure that their assessment processes are sound, fairly operated and in line with the institution's policies and regulations. 1. The external examiner has the right to see all degree examination scripts and any other work that contributes to the degree result.

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Just outside these circles, however, stood a few unofficial observers who were harder to control, and who kept peering in. The most persistent of them was an obscure American journalist named Mark Hibbs, who is largely unknown to the public, but must rank as one of the greatest reporters at work in the world today. Hibbs is a legend within the secretive realm of nuclear power. At the age of fifty four now, he is based in Bonn, Germany, where he lives with his longtime girlfriend when he is not traveling. He travels a lot. With a slight shift in intent he would have made an excellent spy.

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